Community Server 2007.1

A few days ago Telligent announced the release of Community Server 2007.1! Although Telligent had announced the "beta" of Community Server 2007 SP3, considering that the changes included in this release was *much* more than just a service pack release. While the release includes many bug fixes, there are also some significant enhancements, particularly around performance and scaling.

Upgrade from Community Server 2007
Community Server 2007.1, Update Package

Installers, Demo, and SDK (for new sites)
Community Server 2007.1, MSI Installer
Community Server 2007.1, Web Installer
Community Server 2007.1, One-Click Demo
Community Server 2007.1, Software Development Kit

Read the original Telligent announcement.

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Graffiti CMS

Telligent through the latest Tellicast revealed a new product – Graffiti. Graffiti is being geared at small to medium sized business who just simply want to get some content up – whether it be a blog or a whole website. Watch the latest Tellicast for hot details!

Also Ken Roberson posted that the new Community Server Developers Conference is based on Graffiti CMS – the footer of the site says "implemented in Graffiti CMS".

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Community Server 2007 SP3 (Pre-Release)

Telligent announced a BETA release of the third service pack to Community Server 2007. In addtion to links to download one of the pre-release packages, Tellignet has included the list of enhancements and fixes in this service pack below.

Service Pack 3 Update (use for upgrades)
Community Server 2007, Service Pack 3 Update

Installers, Demo, and SDK (all include SP3 BETA)
Community Server 2007, MSI Installer
Community Server 2007, Web Installer
Community Server 2007, One-Click
Community Server 2007, Software Development Kit

Read the original Telligent announcement

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Theme Extravaganza Results

Well, the results are out! If you want to see the themes that won the contest, you should visit the page with the announcements of the winners.

Also, you should visit the file library with the participants’ submissions, for great themes.

A newer version of my submission, The Dark theme, can found here.

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Time to vote for the best Community Server theme!

The dead line for submitting themes in Community Server Theme Extravaganza has passed and it’s time to vote for the best entry! The voting will be open till August 10th.

The submissions are categorized in three tracks:

Personally, I have submitted only a theme in the second track – The Dark theme. It’s a pity I did had enough time to complete a second theme and submit another entry.

Good luck to everyone!

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Community Server Developers Conference

Telligent announced the first Community Server Developers Conference. You can read more about the event details here.

The registration is just $99, if you register before September 5th. I am sure this is going to be a great event!

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Road Map Update for CS2007 and CS2008

Today Telligent published the road map update for CS v2007 and CS v2008. Their plan is to release a CS v2008 beta in the fall and offially release CS v2008 in Q1 2008. In between we can expect one or two extra service packs for CS v2007. The new CS version will have new functionality towards the social networking side of the application.

Read the official announcement: Roadmap for Community Server 2008

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